Tin Home Storage Boxes

Tin Home Storage Boxes

Lightweight and functional, tin home storage boxes are a sturdy and sleek way to store everything from medication to jewellery. Perfect for travel or even gift-giving, tin boxes don't lose their shape in your bag or suitcase, and with a variety of designs available, they add a decorative touch to any space. Select tins based on your aesthetic preference or their functional use, and enjoy the many ways to use these handy home storage boxes.


Many people use metal home storage boxes to corral kitchen necessities, such as coffee or sugar. These canisters have a retro look and feel and come in many designs and colours. Vintage-inspired canisters with floral prints or retro advertisements add a fun feel to your kitchen, while rectangular tins work well for keeping biscuits or tea bags fresh. With lids that stay on tightly, tins are perfect for kitchen storage, and even make great hiding spots for pocket cash or coins.


A more portable option than wood home storage boxes, collectible storage boxes are a great spot to stash playing cards, small toys, marbles, and a host of other things. Novelty canisters are not only convenient, but look cute too, such as a tin shaped like the Tardis from "Dr. Who," or tins that look like tiny houses. Use these storage options to keep accessories safe, or hold everything from photos to pencils. Select from containers that look like cookies, cassette tapes, eggs or handbags, and enjoy the look and many uses of collectible tin storage boxes.

Storage Organisers

Plain and useful, silver flip top tin boxes come in handy. Toss one filled with survival gear into a backpack for hiking, or put all of your sewing or crafting supplies into one. Store stationery, tools, a coin collection or stamps in these boxes that come in multiple sizes. The compact design makes it simple to store these boxes or travel with them, and they are convenient to hold everything from small sweets to spare change or bills. They can even form a wallet on the fly if necessary.

Mini Tins

Tiny tins shaped like rectangles, circles, or hearts, mini tins offer the perfect storage solution for things like medication and breath mints. They can hold a small sewing kit or thumbtacks, or keep buttons safe. Egg-shaped tins are fun for kids, and macaron-shaped tins are just right for holding a small gift, such as jewellery. Perfect for party favours or gift bags, mini tins allow you to use your creativity to fill them with whatever you like, and the snap-on lid keeps stuff safe.