Camp in style with classic Nordic flare thanks to Tipi tents and eBay today! 

When you are out braving the elements, the quality and individual specifications of your tent are crucial to keeping your safe from the elements and comfortable for a good night's rest. Tipi tents are incredibly functional as the Nordic Tipi design is the ideal shape for a tent. The base is broad for plenty of space and steadiness from the wind, and the height of the tent offers good ventilation and encourages fresh, cool air to be sucked in at the bottom. You can easily stand up in the tent and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The spaciousness of Tipi Camping tents makes them perfect for socialising with everything visible thanks to the round shape. The seams as structural elements are all visible, and no side is more vulnerable than the others. This means sudden wind changes aren't as much of a problem and you can set the tent up in any direction! 

There are plenty of different sizes for Tipi tent on eBay based on your demands for lightness, comfort and price. Most models use wooden poles for reduced weight to just 3.5 kilos, and they only take about three minutes to set up! This makes your next camp trip fun, simple and super stylish! 

Above all, the Nordic Tipi gives a unique stylistic design that takes cues from genuine, old Nordic Sami traditions with an ultra-modern feel. Camp a little different with Tipi tents and find the best prices and most extensive variety on eBay, all delivered straight to your door!