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Titleist Driver Golf Clubs

Titleist Driver Golf Clubs

MIT mates Phil Young and Fred Bomme officially displayed Titleists s first ever golf ball in 1935. From then on, the brand drew fame for consistent quality and performance. Titleist golf balls were the first to undergo x-ray examinations. To date, manufacturers still examine each individual Titleist golf ball for uniform and consistent quality. This shows the companys commitment to producing and sustaining quality and reliable golf equipment products.

What Titleist Golf Drivers are Available?

The best golf clubs make ball flight, spin technique and shot shape easier to craft and execute. Here are three Titleist golf clubs you can choose from:

  1. Titleist 917D2 driver. This model grants faster ball speeds. The off-centre accommodates longer distance and superior forgiveness. The SureFit features give you the best fit, whatever skill level you may have.
  2. Titleist Pro Titanium 983K driver. This model has a 365cc full pear profile. It allows moderated launch angles and higher inertia during play. You may notice internal weighting to be slightly heel-based. This helps you achieve moderate spin rates, ideal trajectories and long downrange flights.
  3. Titleist 909DComp driver. This model is multi-material titanium and composite. Use this for high launches with low to mid spins.

What are Some Other Golf Accessories?

Here are some accessories that improve the quality and life of your golf equipment:

  1. Titleist golf club bags. Your most basic accessory. This affords convenience and speed. All your equipment in one bag means you wont leave anything behind and youre good to go at any time.
  2. Gloves. Good gloves have breathability. Its important to keep them moisture free. Good gloves give you a steady yet comfortable grip on your gear. Make sure you buy the right fit. Always keep a pair of rain gloves to keep you in top performance during wet conditions.
  3. Towels. These dry you off from sweat and rain. Keep separate towels for your golf balls and golf clubs. It is crucial that you wipe them off from dirt and wetness that alter your gameplay.

How Do You Stay Healthy and Safe During a Golf Game?

Here are two tips for staying healthy and safe while playing golf:

  1. Stay hydrated at all times. Take regular sips to prevent dehydration from the suns burning rays.
  2. Wear arm sleeves and sunscreen. Prevent skin damage and diseases by providing sun protection for your skin
  3. Wear proper golf shoes. These give a sure and safe footing. Stay injury-free with good quality shoes that provide exact fitting.

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