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Titleist Golf Clubs

No serious golfer will hit the links without their own set of golf clubs. As a company, Titleist began by producing golf balls. Concerned that most golf balls were unbalanced, Titleist took the extraordinary step of X-raying all their golf balls before release. Later the company took the same approach to quality when it started making clubs as well as balls.

Types of Clubs

There are a number of different kinds of clubs in a set, ranging from the putter through the woods, which are no longer made of wood. Drivers are your opening club, followed by woods, designed to get the golf ball as far as possible. Next come the irons, which handle shorter distances with more loft. Hybrid clubs combine features of both woods and irons and are best suited for middle distances. Wedges are like irons, but give you more height to get over obstacles.

Titleist Drivers

The Titleist 917 series drivers are for the serious golfer. These drivers feature large club heads with all the adjustments you need to ensure the club is set for your game not anyone else's. The hosel can adjust both loft and lie independently, and you can also set the centre of gravity to match your swing. It's all about balancing performance with forgiveness so your ball starts where you want it.

Titleist Hybrids

Titleist hybrid clubs combine the best qualities of a wood and an iron. They give you the precise control and loft of an iron, without giving up the range of a wood. Some golfers call hybrids rescue clubs; Titleist calls them scoring clubs. Don't bother with a long iron when you can put these clubs in your bag instead. It's all about balancing precision with control for the ultimate golfing experience.

Titleist Irons

Whether you're out for the afternoon or playing on the Tour, Titleist irons give you that explosive launch that's sure to be a favourite. Enjoy muscle and precision every time you step on the links.