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Toaster Ovens

Affordable and easy to use, toaster ovens may not replace your traditional oven, but for quick cooking, these user-friendly appliances fit the bill. They sit on your counter top alongside your blender and other appliances, and take up little space. Small in size but big on features, toaster ovens do much more than simply toast, and you'll be surprised at what these petite powerhouses can do.

Not sure if a toaster oven is right for you? Consider some of the features these ovens have to offer. Most models double as a convection oven, which means fast cooking times for everything from meats to cookies. Many ovens work as a rotisseries, producing perfectly cooked, delicious chicken in minutes. Grill foods on the fly, toast sandwiches, and reheat previously cooked meals so they taste just like they did the first time you ate them. With a variety of heating adjustments, a timer, and plenty of space, you can cook to your heart's content in a toaster oven. Toaster ovens with a removable drip tray make cleaning up a breeze.

The same brand names who create multiple kitchen appliances, including traditional ovens, have their hand in making some of the most high-quality toaster ovens. Consider well-known brands like Sunbeam, Cuisinart, Breville, and Russell Hobbs when you select an oven. Consider cost as well as features, oven size, and wattage for the perfect complement to your cooking skills.

If you're more interested in specialised cooking, there are ovens with more specific features. Pizza ovens create crispy, delicious pizza from either frozen, already-made styles or homemade ingredients. Pizza comes out just right, and this portable oven even preps pizza on the go. Dual heating elements create an evenly cooked pie, and pizza ovens are also great for baguettes and other bread foods. Purchase one with a pizza stone for even crisper crust. Grills and sandwich makers prepare perfect panini and other grilled sandwiches.

You may notice that ovens vary according to wattage. Wattage essentially means how much power the oven has, so an oven with a higher wattage will cook foods faster with more power. A lower wattage oven may cost less, but foods may take longer to cook. Choosing the right wattage depends on how often you'll use the oven and what types of foods you'll be cooking. For foods like chicken, you'll want more wattage, but lesser wattage works well for pizza and sandwiches.