Buying a Toaster

Most people use their toasters every day, and as they tend to sit on the bench it’s worth considering how they look as well as how they function when choosing a model. Here are a few ideas of what to look for when choosing a new toaster.

Slice Count

Toasters generally come in three basic types. The most common are two slice toasters. Some larger toasters have four slots, allowing more bread to be toasted at once. Toaster ovens are another option, which allow you to not only toast bread but also melt and heat toppings, as well as cooking other small items. Smaller toasters are more economical, but more space allows for time-saving.

Toaster Functions

Like most technology, toasters have come a long way in terms of available features. Some models offer clear sides so that you can see the progress of your toast, while others feature an LED countdown timer. There are motorised lifts that stop the toast suddenly popping up and carriages to put in items such as breakfast crumpets that are smaller than standard sized bread slices. Some toasters beep to let you know the toast is ready. For many people, however, a quick toaster that produces nicely browned toast is all you need.

Exterior Appearance

Toasters normally have their home on the kitchen worktop, so that makes it more important that the toaster looks good. Factor in your kitchen decor when choosing a toaster, as they are available in a wide range of finishes such as chrome, brushed metal and copper. Coloured toasters can help to brighten up your kitchen space, and almost every bright colour exists. Toasters are commonly available in a set with other kitchen appliances such as an electric jug to help you match.

Toaster Brand

While there is a huge price range for toasters depending on features, appearance and brand name, sometimes a higher price tag doesn’t equal better performance. Among the brands available are Dualit, Breville and Morphy Richards. Unless you have specific loyalties or tastes, it’s best to choose a good quality toaster from a trusted brand. Some good examples are DeLonghi toasters and Sunbeam toasters, which provide you with quality without going overboard on price.