Tobacco has been popular in Western society since around the 1500's, and with it came a whole range of products and accessories. Tobacciana refers to the collectible items relating to tobacco, smoking, cigars, and cigarettes, with hundreds of items both new and antique available. Although tobacciana usually refers to antique or vintage collectibles, there are still many forms of new tobacciana in production, and it continues to be a popular industry. As tobacco has such a rich history, many of the products that were once standard items are now fascinating and bizarre, mainly due to what we now know about the dangers of tobacco.

Cigar Tobacciana

The most popular form of tobacciana relates to cigars and there is a whole set of collectibles within this category. With a history dating back further than the cigarette and a hobby that requires a lot of accessories to partake in, there are many items available to invest in. Common forms of cigar tobacciana include cigar cutters, humidors for storing cigars and special cigar lighters, both new and antique.

Cigarette Tobacciana

Cigarette tobacciana comes in antique, vintage and new forms, with many iconic brands and products people continue to collect. Due to the fascinating advertising history of tobacco and cigarettes, many forms of tobacciana feature some form of promotional material from the past. Cigarette tobacciana like lighters, ashtrays, signs, cigarette tins and matchbooks are popular with collectors of all eras.

Antique and Vintage Tobacciana

Although there are new forms of tobacciana still coming out, these products commonly refer to those with vintage or antique status. Antique tobacciana is usually dated over 100 years ago, whereas vintage can be anywhere from 20 years ago and beyond. There are many unique collectibles available like antique pipes and or a vintage cigar box that can be very valuable to collectors.

Smoking Accessories

Modern smoking accessories and tobacciana include gas lighters, ashtrays, rolling papers, cigarette rolling machines and cigarette cases. Any accessory used for smoking tobacco can be classed as tobacciana; however, these modern forms aren’t as highly regarded as their antique counterparts.