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Bringing the Past Into the Present with Tobacco Pouches

Tobacco has been smoked in many Native American tribes for thousands of years. It was introduced to Europe and gained more widespread favor in the late 1500s, and for hundreds of years, it was common for users to roll their own cigarettes. Though pre-rolled tobacco is now common, there are still quite a few users who prefer to roll their own or use a pipe, and a tobacco pouch is the perfect way to bring, store, and carry the leaves and their accoutrements.

Types of tobacco pouches for sale

There are different styles of tobacco pouches available on eBay that you can choose from, and each style is designed for different needs.

  • Rollup wallet - The most commonly seen style of leather tobacco pouch on eBay are the fold over, or rollup, wallets. They can easily be opened one-handed, and often are held shut only by a string closure.
  • Pencil Case wallet - A simple option that fits easily into a pocket or glove compartment, it is usually without pockets and has a zip closure.
  • Tri-fold wallet - These tend to be slightly more elaborate, and can include pockets for the rolling paper or multiple types of pouch tobacco.
What can tobacco pouches be made from?

Whether for aesthetic reasons or practical ones, tobacco pouches can be made from a variety of different materials.

  • Leather - By far the most widely found, a leather tobacco pouch will age beautifully, and will also keep tobacco fresh for longer if properly lined or waxed. It is also possible to find a unique handmade leather tobacco pouch on eBay.
  • Vinyl/Cloth - Treated fabric is another sound option and commonly found, particularly traditional patterns such as plaid. When buying a cloth pouch, make sure it has been treated or lined to be waterproof, so as to keep the tobacco from drying out.
Deciding between tobacco pouches for sale

While new is always attractive, tobacco pouches are the kind of long-lasting accessory that is sometimes passed down through families for generations. As such, pre-owned or handmade tobacco pouches have can have an appeal all their own.

  • New - With a wide variety of options, new pouches come in all styles and patterns.
  • Pre-Owned - Leather, in particular, can become glossier and softer with age. If properly cared for, a pre-owned pouch can be just as sturdy as a new one.
  • Handmade - Buyers looking for a truly unique pouch may prefer to shop for handmade cloth or leather tobacco pouch on eBay. These can include vintage or antique options.
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