Satisfy those cocoa cravings with tasty Toblerone chocolate from eBay

Those tasty triangle shapes are immediately recognisable. So is the delicious, creamy chocolate and the wonderful flavours and feel of the nougat hidden at the bottom of each bite. From that first delightful nibble, there's no mistaking it; you've got your hands on Toblerone chocolate and sweets. eBay's array of dozens of delicious Toblerone chocolate treats to buy online can ensure you always have a remedy ready and waiting for your expectant sweet tooth.

The family behind the brand

And who do we have to thank for such a delicious creation? The Tobler family of Bern, Switzerland, that's who. After his father Jean started producing chocolate in his confectionary shop in 1868, Theodor Tobler started a chocolate factory of his own in 1899. But it wasn't until 1908 that Theodor, along with his cousin Emil Baumann, created the classic Toblerone bar we know today. The triangular shape and addition of honey and almond nougat made it an almost immediate success, separating it from competitors.

In the 100-plus years since, dark chocolate Toblerone, white chocolate Toblerone and even fruit and nut Toblerone have been introduced. All are available to buy online every day on eBay.

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