Don't worry about being in bed with bedside toilets and commodes from eBay

Whether old or young, it can become extremely difficult to use the bathroom if you are suffering from a debilitating ailment or if you have trouble physically going to the bathroom by yourself. However, bedside toilets and commodes are specifically designed to help ease the stress and anxiety that can come with this activity. They are convenient and come in different sizes and builds. If you are looking for one, eBay is a great place to start.

Patients with chronic conditions can find it difficult to go to the bathroom without risking a slip or fall that can make the whole process dangerous, especially if they are living on their own. If you are eyeing one, here are some important factors to consider.

Features to take into account when buying a bedside commode

Accessibility and agility Independent toilet chairs are designed for people with varying ranges of mobility as well as continence problems. Their use ranges from adult to bariatric and paediatric users. So when you are looking for different features in a freestanding commode, the first thing you should consider is evaluating the user's mobility, agility and comfort levels. This is vital because they are the ones that will have to support their own body weight.

Usage versatility After you determine the user's agility and strength, the next important element is identifying how the bedside commode is to be used. For example, a majority of products are designed to settle in your bedroom without taking too much space.

But depending on how you want to use it - and if you are looking for more features - there are products that double as shower chairs as well. And if you are going for this option, you are going to have to consider the width and area of your shower. Moreover, access ramps can also be a huge help to those who have trouble getting around. Check out bedside toilets and commodes today.