Toilet Brushes & Holders

Toilet Brushes and Holders

Keep your bathroom sparkling clean by always keeping toilet brushes and holders beside the loo. Browse basics to sleek and stylish designs and fun novelty toilet brush holders.


When it comes to toilet brush holders, you can generally go one of two ways: straight and simple, or those that incorporate toilet roll holders. Some feature just one toilet roll holder above and some include space for you to stash some spare rolls.

If you're looking for something convenient that doesn't take up extra room, you can also find toilet brush holders that can be attached to the wall.


For a classic, elegant and stylish design, opt for a ceramic toilet brush holder, you'll find some sleek styles to match your bathroom. Ceramic holders can come in smooth glazed styles or a matte finish. Some feature matching handles and some are contrasted with stainless steel handles for a modern look.

If you're just looking for something cheap that does the job, plastic is your best bet. You can get them in simple white or colourful designs as well as cute and fun patterns to brighten up your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can opt for stainless steel or chrome. Both metals come in shiny and matte designs to fit into your home. Chrome is usually cheaper to come by but is also easy to clean and match your bathroom décor. Choose matching toilet roll holders through to shower caddies.

Stainless steel, however, does usually offer a higher end look and is also resistant to rust, keeping it looking just like new for years.

Novelty Designs

Whether you're decorating a kids' bathroom or just want to show off your fun side, you can find loads of novelty toilet brushes too. Look for animal shapes, football designs and even brushes in the shape of award trophies.