What exactly is a commode chair?

Designed to feature an integrated toilet dish, a commode chair is a type of chair that can help minimise the risk of accidents when going to the bathroom. With a multi-purpose design, these chairs allow users to manoeuvre in the bathroom, to use toilet and shower facilities with ease. This is particularly important for users who have perhaps had a fall, or who are undertaking some form of rehabilitation. Health-care professionals often recommend these users to have a commode chair, as it can prevent further accidents, while providing users with independence when using the bathroom.

Opting for Safety

Commode chairs increase independence for users, allowing them to move around by themselves when using the bathroom. This means safety is of the utmost concern when choosing a commode chair, so make sure to choose one that is not only easy to use, but has all the features required. Some toilet commodes have removable seats, allowing for easy transportation, while others feature sturdy brackets or arm rests, which can aid balance. Chairs with lockable wheels provide stability and safety assurance, which can be especially important when used for showering. Lightweight toilet commodes can be a smart choice, as they allow for easy movement, though stability is also important. Commode chairs are designed to be placed beside a user's bed, so an appropriate size and weight should be considered for this purpose.

Opting for Comfort

Of course, comfort is also an issue when choosing a chair, as the user should be comfortable when using it. It may be a good idea to consider a commode chair with a sturdy yet comfortable back rest, or one with a padded frame. Be sure to choose a commode chair that balances comfort with safety, by checking out all the options on eBay. With everything from raised toilet seats and commode chairs to mobility scooters and walking frames, eBay is the place to find all the best brands at the best possible price.