Toilet Parts & Attachments


Don't Get Caught Without These Toilet Parts

Since the invention of the first flush toilet by Sir John Harrington, the godson of Elizabeth I, in 1592 there have been some vast improvements. One being the S-shaped pipe under the toilet, invented and patented by Scottish invertor Alexander Cummings in 1775 to keep those eye watering odours at bay. If you are experiencing a few of those odours more often than you should be, it may very well be time to replace the s-bend on your toilet. eBay has a huge range of toilet parts and attachments to suit all your toileting needs. 

Toilet parts you might need

  • Wax seals are located always around the top of the floor flange and the bottom of the toilet bowl. They prevent leakage of water from the toilet base.
  • Toilet bowls: They're the visible base that you sit on in the toilet and are firmly placed on the ground with a pipe connection laid outside the toilet to wash the wastes away. You should regularly wash and disinfect the toilet bowl, especially when there are multiple users.
  • Floor flanges: They're made of porcelain, plastic or metal which serves to prevent the toilet from leaking wastes at the bottom. You can find them on top of the sewer pipe, just below the toilet bowl. 
  • Toilet tanks: They're always made of porcelain and are affixed to the upper part of the toilet bowl. They serve as reservoirs of water and dispense water to the toilet bowls for flushing. The water speedily gushes out to flush off the dirt in the toilet bowls.
  • Toilet buttons: They can either be found on top of the toilet cover or the toilet tank. You can press them to dispense water from the toilet tanks to the toilet bowls. The toilet buttons can be either plastic or metal. 
  • Other toilet parts include your toilet seats, as well as refill tubes, flappers, toilet chains, etc, and you’ll find all of these in one easy place online – right here on eBay.

Start shopping today for your toilet parts and attachments. On eBay you will find everything from toilet seat cistern buttons, bidet water spray kits, copper 3-way T-adapters, toilet seats and flush pipe rubber. Use the filters to make your search easier. Take advantage of free postage with certain sellers. Shop with local sellers if you would like to click and collect your purchase.