Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

Replacing an old toilet seat can do wonders for the appearance of your bathroom. If you want a quick makeover to give it a fresh look, a new shiny toilet seat might just do the trick, especially thanks to the many material and pattern variations. When choosing a new toilet seat for your bathroom, however, you also need to consider its shape and mounting type.


You need to choose the toilet seat according to the toilet bowl shape. Round toilet bowls are standard in most homes, while the elongated variations are gaining popularity as well. Compared to the round ones, the elongated seats are rather oval. Before buying a new seat for your toilet, make sure you know which type you need.


Resin toilet seats are available with every imaginable design, from beautiful flowers and landscapes to cartoon characters and sparkling glitter. Although resin as a material lends itself better to different design options, wood toilet seats carry with themselves a little additional elegance. The wooden designs are perfect for country houses or in any homes with sophisticated, yet earthy interior decor. Natural wood is warmer, but damages or stains easily. Plastic seats tend to be colder, especially in winter, and they are more likely to split, too. Cushioned seats are yet another option. They stand out for their softness, but do split and crack over time.


As a standard, most toilet seats use the conventional bolt-and-nuts mount, while the integral bolt and nut is also available. The latter looks more sophisticated, but can become troublesome if you want to replace the seat. If you would like to clean the toilet frequently and thoroughly, you might consider quick-removal seats with special hinges.

Extra Features

A toilet seat does not necessarily have to be yet another useful, but boring home plumbing fixture. Thanks to modern technology, many toilets feature smart functions. Deodorising with built-in carbon filter, bidet functionality for cleansing, heating, and nightlights to gently guide you in the dark are some of the available options.