Redefine Your Toilet Experience With A Toilet Bidet

If you want to give your tush a little more cush, a new toilet bidet could be just the key. An old tradition that started in the 1600s in France has now become a modern must-have in bathrooms across Australia, including yours. Start shopping on eBay for a toilet bidet or a basic toilet today and you’ll find a range of styles available. 

How to choose a bidet

Given bidets are not common in bathrooms today, you might find it a little daunting if you're stepping into a new era of comfort. Before purchasing consider why you've decided to install a bidet. If it's for personal hygiene, you can generally choose from any basic model. For feminine hygiene there are separate nozzles and aerated streams available as additions to your system. 

For children there are different sizes and settings to suit. You'll find bidets that have remote controls, so you don't need to twist while you're in the seat, and there are even models available that don't run on electricity and that have a small attachable tank rather than connecting to your main water pipes.

How to choose a toilet 

When shopping for toilets online, the first thing you need to do is check the plumbing in your bathroom. This can help determine the type of toilet you buy so if you have any queries get in touch with a plumber. Next determine the type of pan with three designs common in Australia - the S trap, the P trap and the Skew trap. 

The S-trap connects to the floor, the P trap connects to the wall, while the skew pan has a pipe that extends on either side of the bowl. make sure you cheque the measurements in your bathroom to ensure the toilet you purchase will fit into the space allowing plenty of room on either side for maximum comfort, cabinets and all types of storage

It's easy to shop on eBay for toilets and bidets. you can shop by category which makes it easy to find a variety of bidets, toilet seats, toilets in general, toilet parts and attachments, as well as bidet parts and taps. View the bestselling range to see what's hot on eBay this week, see the top rated for the best reviews, or simply browse through the options to find a style and price that suits. Shopping with eBay is always easy, with free postage on many items, Click & Collect options on some products and great discount prices.