Toilets are an item in the home that receives a lot of use on a daily basis, so it is understandable that there comes a day when replacing the toilet is necessary. Installing a toilet is a fairly simple process that only requires a short amount of time and a few tools. Becoming familiar with various types of toilets allows you to choose a model that best fits your needs.

Toilet Suite

When it comes to finding a right seat for the bathroom, there are many choices available on the market. The Caroma toilet suite is a model that works well in almost any bathroom. The Caroma S-trap toilet and classic connector makes it easy for retrofitting, while the dual-flush feature gives users the ability to conserve energy and water. The practical and durable design is ergonomic, which makes it easy to maintain while adding versatility to the bathroom.

Toilet Cistern

Sometimes it is only necessary to replace the toilet cistern instead of the entire unit. The cistern is the water tank portion of the toilet assembly that provides water to the toilet bowl during the flushing process. The cistern typically has a lever or button that releases water from the cistern into the bowl when pulled or pushed. The toilet cistern comes in a variety of styles that make it easy to match with existing toilets. The Argent in-wall cistern is an example of a contemporary model that works well with pans that face a wall.


The back-to-wall toilet style is a popular choice in many homes because of the compact size and sleek design. The Kohler Reach is a back-to-wall model enjoyed by users because it is easy to maintain. This toilet also comes with a dual-flush feature that offers both a full-flush and a half-flush option.

Wall-Faced Toilets

When it comes to installing a new toilet, many people prefer the features that come with a wall-faced toilet. The Caroma Urbane is an example of a wall-faced toilet and it is a popular choice for people who have bathrooms with either modern or traditional decor. Caroma offers the Urbane in both standard and soft-close styles. There are many toilet options and features available so it is easy to find the unit that works well in any home.