Tolix Bar Stools

Even if you dont recognise the name, youll instantly recognise their appearance. Tolix bar stools give a funky, yet contemporary feel to any entertaining area, whether indoor or out.

Through your travels, youll no doubt have seen them in pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. Now you can find them in homes, seated in front of a kitchen or island bench, in front of the house bar or used as a seat at a table. Tolix stools are lightweight, heavy duty and extremely robust, with most units able to be stacked neatly on top of each other for easy storage when not in use. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, materials and heights, with foot rests and without, therell be a Tolix stool to suit your decor and with a massive range of listings, chances are youll find it right here on eBay.

Tips for buying tolix stools

You dont have to spend a fortune for a great look. On eBay you can filter search results by checking the Tolix or unbranded boxes in the advanced search feature, so you can choose between the genuine article or bargain replica units and save your money for the drinks!

Whilst they are very hardy stools and may look suitable as outdoor furniture, some units are only designed for indoor use - check with the seller to ensure the stool youre looking at is suitable for your given application. Measure the height of the bench, table or bar you want to use the stools for - account for some leg room and then choose the height of bar stool most suitable, whether its a short 45cm cafe stool, or a full sized 76cm model.

These stools are not for everyone! If youre looking for a different design, eBay has an enormous range of other bar stools, including new, second hand and vintage for a classic feel. We also have indoor and outdoor dining furniture sets to complete the look of your dining and entertaining areas.