TomTom Vehicle Electronics and GPS


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TomTom Vehicle Electronics and GPS

TomTom navigation products for vehicles have helped folk get from A to B around the world since 2002. You may find you have already experienced the benefits of a TomTom device without realising it. TomTom has developed partnerships with vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen, and service providers such as Uber. TomTom’s vehicle navigation equipment includes touchscreen products designed for cars, motorbikes, campers and trucks.

TomTom GPS Navigation

The mapping and GPS tracking in TomTom’s portable navigation devices pinpoint where you are, and give you a bird’s eye view of progress on your route. Spoken and visual instructions can guide you on the shortest or scenic routes, speed limits, weather and traffic conditions. Smartphone connectivity allows you to hear and respond by voice to texts and calls for the safe hands-free use of your phone while driving.

TomTom Route and Trip Planning

Are you needing the quickest and fastest route, or planning an epic road trip around Australia, or the world? Personalise your route with any detours or roads you want to take, or use TomTom’s "best of" routes. These include guidance on places to visit, eat and sleep, historical spots and coastal, mountainous or scenic roads.

TomTom GPS Models

At the entry level, TomTom Start models cover all the basics needed to replace paper maps. The TomTom VIA range are mid-range devices, with most allowing for smartphone connectivity. TomTom ONEs receive traffic and weather updates via TomTom’s Plus services. TomTomGo are multi-function devices and compatible with Siri and Google Now. With TomTom Camper/RVs, and TomTom/Pro Truck models, you can enter your vehicle height and weight to avoid unexpected encounters with overhead bridges or weight restrictions on roads. TomTom Navigators have GPS features to use with other small handheld devices like PDAs, pocket PCs and smartphones. The TomTom Rider is for motorcyclists and scooter riders. The screens are water resistant and glove-friendly for use while on the road.

TomTom Accessories

TomTom GPS Accessories include chargers and battery cables to keep your navigator fully charged. Mounts for your windscreen or dashboard give you the option of where you want to display your navigator so you get the best visual angle while driving. Screen protection kits for car and motorbike devices protect accidental screen damage. Anti-theft fittings can be handy to ensure your device is not easy to steal in the event of a vehicle break-in.