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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Clothing

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand known for making casual and semi-casual clothing. The materials this brand uses are meant for comfort as well as durability. The most popular items of Tommy Hilfiger clothing are shirts and jeans, of which the brand produces many different styles. Tommy Hilfiger clothing is ideal for everyday wear as well as for a day on the golf course or a day at work in an office with a semi-casual dress code. There are many different pieces to choose from so you can find items that work well with your existing wardrobe as well as items that inspire you to create a fresh new look.

What are Some Common Types of Men's Tommy Hilfiger Shirts?

Tommy Hilfiger is known for creating several different types of men's shirts.

  • Tommy Hilfiger polo shirts are some of the most common. They feature a soft knit material with a collar and two or three buttons. Most of these shirts feature the Tommy Hilfiger logo on the breast. These shirts go well with jeans or you can wear them with chinos for a great golfing outfit.
  • Tommy Hilfiger men's T-shirts are casual and comfortable. They are made from cotton or cotton-blends which makes them soft and breathable. They are available in V-neck or scoop neck varieties and you can find them in solid colours or with stripes. Most of these t-shirts have short sleeves but there are also some available with long sleeves.

What Cuts to Tommy Hilfiger Men's Jeans Come in?

With numerous different fits available, you can find a pair of Tommy Hilfiger denim jeans for men that work for you.

  • Slim fit Tommy Hilfiger Men's jeans feature straight lines and they conform fairly tightly to the body while still allowing room for movement. This type of jeans works well with polo shirts and they are available in high-rise or mid-rise varieties.
  • Relaxed fit Tommy Hilfiger jeans offer a little more room in the legs than slim fit jeans. They are great for everyday wear and they are most commonly available in mid or low-rise varieties, though there are some high-rise pairs available as well.
  • Loose fit Tommy Hilfiger jeans create a slightly more baggy look. They work very well with T-shirts and tennis shoes or basketball shoes.

What Other Types of Men's Clothing Is Tommy Hilfiger Known For?

As well as shirts and jeans, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand known for several other types of clothing

  • Tommy Hilfiger is known for making comfortable undergarments for men including briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers and undershirts. They are made from thin, breathable material.
  • The brand is also known for making men's jackets and hoodies. There are front zip and pullover varieties available.