Running out of ink when you're right in the middle of printing something can be a frustrating experience. And, then purchasing the right toner for your printer can be equally as frustrating. There are different kinds of toner cartridges, different colours and different yield levels – which one should you choose?

Identify your printer

Firstly, check what printer you have. A toner cartridge is only compatible with laser printers, laser fax machines and digital photocopying machines. These printer cartridges should never be used in an ink jet printer.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you use Brother toner cartridges for Brother printers. However, a generic brand of printer cartridge will work just as well. If you are buying a generic printer cartridge, you must make sure that the part number on the machine matches the cartridge you are purchasing.

Decoding the jargon

The acronyms used to describe toner cartridges may help to work out which toner is right for you. An OEM toner is a genuine toner from the manufacturer. A compatible toner is a generic, refurbished or remanufactured toner that has been manufactured for your machine. An MIRC toner is a magnetic ink toner which is used for printing special documents such as bank cheques.

One thing you must consider with printer cartridges is your page yield. A page yield tells you how many pages your Brother toner cartridge should be able to print over a lifetime. If you're going to be doing a lot of printing, a printer cartridge with a higher page yield will last longer and may save you money over time.

Colour match your cartridges

Lastly, get the colours right in your printer. There are two types of toner colours which are monochrome and colour. The colour toner has four variations which include cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You will need all four variations if you want to print in colour.

There is a range of toner printer cartridges available on eBay including Konica Minolta cartridges. These are for a variety of different models from commercial photocopying machines by Konica Minolta to small home printers from Brother. Shop today and start printing!