Toner Cartridges for OKI Data Printer

Toner Cartridge for OKI Data Printer

Printer toner cartridges are different than what you normally see or use in most home printers. They are typically longer and use a fine powder instead of liquid ink. Laser printers use toner cartridges while inkjet printers use ink cartridges. The type of printer you own determines the type of printing accessories you need to keep on printing.

Brand or Unbranded

Although there are many branded OKI data printer cartridges on the market, you do not necessarily need to buy one that comes from a big name company. Often, compatible printer cartridges work just as well and may just save you a little on the overall cost. The key is compatibility.

Model Specific

Since not all models are the same size and design, its important that you choose a cartridge that is compatible with your copier. Even if you look at the universal toner cartridges, you will notice that they are still brand and model specific due to the size and design of the cartridge itself.

Refill Kits

If youre tired of buying replacement cartridges every few weeks, consider looking into purchasing a refill kit that allows you to add toner to your current cartridges instead of having to buy a brand new one. It does take a little more effort to refill, but it is better for the environment and often better for your wallet in the long run.

Black or Colour

Toner is available in either black or colour depending on how you plan to print. If your printer can print in colour, you will need a cyan, magenta and yellow cartridge along with a blank one installed. Frequently, you can purchase all four cartridges together in one bundle or get each one separately if you dont need all four at one time.