Toner Cartridges for Samsung

When talking about printer cartridges, you typically have two options: fine powder or liquid ink. Most printers found in small or home offices use ink cartridges while larger businesses tend to lean toward toner cartridges. The biggest advantage to using printer toner cartridges instead of ink is the number of pages you can print per cartridge. With ink filled, you typically get about 500 pages while toner will give you approximately 2,000 pages.

High Yield

One way to increase the output is to purchase high capacity toner cartridges. For example, the Samsung MLT-D307E yields approximately 20,000 pages while the MLD-3470B kicks out 10,000 pages before needing replacing. Toner has a long shelf life, which means you will continue to get sharp, professional prints from the first copy to the last.

Black or Colour

For the majority of laser printers, you will only need to purchase black toner cartridges for your Samsung printers. However, in some cases, you will need colour cartridges along with the black one. The setup of your device will determine if you need one cartridge that contains magenta, cyan and yellow toner or if you will need three separate cartridges each containing one colour.

OEM or Aftermarket

Are you looking to purchase genuine Samsung printer cartridges or are you comfortable with aftermarket compatible toner? In either case, the goal should be to find a cartridge that is compatible with the printer model that own.

Stock Up

The best way to make sure you don't get in the middle of a big project and run out of toner is to keep a spare in the closet. The long shelf life means that you can keep several for an extended period without worrying about whether or not it will work when the time comes to install it.