Tongue Cleaners

Good dental hygiene not only benefits your mouth, but your overall health as well. Used in conjunction with other dental-hygiene products, such as a toothbrush, tongue scrapers can improve your breath, help to eliminate bacteria and make your mouth feel cleaner. There are a several diverse types of tongue cleaners, as well as dental brands from which to select.

Tongue Scraper Brands

Choose from a variety of well-known dental and health brands when you browse tongue scrapers and cleaners. Some of these brands include DenTek, Dr. Tung's and Waterpik. Keeko is another brand to consider. Brands vary by the materials they use to create the tools, by cost and by the design of the tongue scrapers, so it's ultimately a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the correct one for you.

Tongue Cleaner Materials

Tongue scrapers are made from a variety of materials. These include copper, plastic and stainless steel. Plastic tongue scrapers need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use and replaced regularly, as it's easier for plastic to retain bacteria; however, they aren't as harsh as using copper or stainless steel is, so if you're sensitive, plastic is an appropriate choice. It's easy to sterilize stainless steel with boiling water, and these work well for scraping the tongue free of debris and bacteria. Copper is another wise choice because it doesn't harbour bacteria, and it includes antiseptic properties.

Tongue Cleaner Types

There are a few distinct types of tongue cleaners available. Some are just simple strips of metal that have a curve on each end. You grip each side of the scraper and then scrape your tongue. Some plastic tongue scrapers have a long handle that allows you to grip the handle and place the scraper into your mouth to scrape easily and effectively. Cleaners come in assorted sizes, and there are even tongue cleaners that include bristles for deeper tongue cleaning and germ removal.

Other Dental Hygiene Accessories

You can combine tongue cleaners with your other dental tools to ensure a fresh, bacteria-free mouth. These include tooth floss, whitening kits, toothpaste and polish, water flossers (such as the Waterpik) and mouthguards to alleviate grinding. Small brushes, such as Piksters, reach between teeth in the crooks and crevices to remove plaque, while electric toothbrushes can often get teeth cleaner than their standard counterparts do.