Toning Belts

Toning Belts

Toning belts have many purposes, one of which is to aid in the fat-burning process while you work out. Toning belts fit around your abdominal muscles and help you to whittle your waist as you exercise. By increasing the temperature around your abs, it can enhance your weight loss in that area. These belts come in many types and have a variety of features.

Toning Belt Features

There is a range of toning belts available. Some offer various features, such as an electronic toning belt that uses vibrations to reduce fat. These produce massage benefits as well, which can increase the metabolism and aim to tone various parts of the body. Many belts are adjustable for a customised fit, and some are thin enough to wear comfortably underneath clothing at the gym or for everyday use. Wireless designs make it easy to wear electronic toning belts without worry.

Belt Types

There are belts geared for specific purposes. Toning belts for weight lifting have a chain attached to secure to weights. Gym toning belts may not have any bells and whistles, but they simply provide support and increase heat to the abdominal area to improve weight loss and speed up the process. These can also double as shapers that smooth out specific areas of the body so that clothes fit more comfortably. There are toning belts that provide back support and help weight lifters obtain the correct centre of gravity while they lift, as well as muscle stimulation belts that use electric impulses to help achieve weight loss. Sauna belts simply heat up the area to burn fat and eliminate cellulite in the belly.

Belt Brands

There are many manufacturers that produce toning belts, some of which youll likely recognise. These include Abtronic, Bionic, Sanitas and Hot Shapers. Other brands to look for include AB Gymnic, Norman, and DYNA Trainer. Base your purchasing decision on the brand as well as on the price, the features the belt offers, and the activity for which the is best used.

Other Workout Accessories

Pair a toning belt with other workout accessories for a complete workout, including a treadmill, weights or exercise balls. Use a mat to keep your workout space comfortable, and dont forget to stay hydrated with a gym water bottle. Comfortable workout clothes and the right shoes can keep you supported and cool as you exercise.