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Tontine Quilts Bedspreads

Keeping warm on those cold winter nights with a quality quilt or bedspread is important to many of us. We spend so much time in our beds so we should feel comfortable doing so in order to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Tontine is an Australian company that has been producing high quality bedding products for over 60 years and are famous for their exceptional quality doonas and quilts that are comfortable and durable.


Tontine quilts are breathable and of the best quality, keeping you comfortable in the summer months, and warm during the wintertime. Different weights and warmths are available in the Tontine range so no matter what the temperature is, there is a quilt that is suitable. Quilts come in lightweight/low warmth that is excellent for the summer season, while heavy weight/super warmth quilts are ideal for the middle of winter if you are living in a cold part of the country. Stain resistant, anti-allergy and kids quilts are also available.


Favourites for many Australian families for over sixty years, Tontine makes original Aussie Doonas, Tontine Doonas, or the Original Aussie Quilt, and all of them are from high quality cotton and wool. You can select which fill type you would prefer from lightweight polyester through to 100 percent wool or decide which warmth grade is right for your climate from medium warm, super warm or all seasons. Single, double, queen and king sizes are available so there is one for every bed in your household.

Care Instructions

Caring for your Tontine bedding will ensure that you have comfortable sleeps for longer. You should wash regularly your bedding so do check on the care label for your product on how to do this correctly.

Other Bedding Products

Aside than quilts and doonas, Tontine make many other great products to keep your bed comfortable. There is a range of memory foam pillows and latex pillows, and a selection of pillow and mattress protectors under the Tontine Comfortech brand. As well as making fine polyester products, Tontine manufactures wool quilts and pillows from 100 percent Australian certified wool.