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For quality night sleep, you need Tontine quality bedding which can be found on eBay

Since 1956, Tontine has been Australia's go-to brand when it comes to pillows, quilts and bedding! And even today over 80% of Tontine products are still made in Australian.

As any Australian child can attest to, you know winter has hit when your parents brought out your Doona. What you may not know is that Tontine was the inventor of the original Doona , something they still manufacture today.

However, Tontine is most famous for their range of pillows. Nowadays Tontine manufactures more than half of all pillows sold in Australia. Their great range of traditional cotton and polyester pillows now have been expanded to include latex pillows and memory foam pillows . Where Tontine offers products featuring wool including pillows and wool quilts, the wool is 100% certified Australian wool.

Tontine is synonymous with innovation, quality and enduring design. All Tontine pillows now feature a date stamp providing you with a useful guide about when you should consider changing your pillow. All Tontine feather and down pillows and quilts only use ethically sourced feather and down. So you can sleep soundly, this is confirmed via rigorous processes including having their feathers and down tested by trusted organisations like IDFL, and/or tracing the feather and down back to the actual farms from which it is sourced from.

So for a good night sleep full of comfort, you can't go past the range of Tontine pillows, Doonas and bedding available on eBay.