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Tontine, proud Australian bedding

Since 1956, Tontine has been Australia's go-to brand when it comes to pillows, quilts and bedding! And even today over 80% of Tontine products are still made in Australia. Tontine considers themselves the sleep experts and promises that with their products, you'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.

Tontine products can kit your bedroom out for comfort and a great night's sleep. The Tontine bedding range includes pillows, quilts, microfibre doonas, mattresses, mattress toppers and pillow and mattress protectors under the Comfortech brand.

As we all know, the key to getting a good night's sleep is a comfortable, supportive mattress, quilt and pillow. Tontine is synonymous with innovation, quality and enduring design.


In many of their Australian polyester products, Tontine uses Sustainable Polyester ™, which is a more environmentally friendly option than regular polyester. It's produced using less energy and reduced greenhouse gases, and it helps reduce amounts of plastic waste that could otherwise finish up in landfill.

Feather and down

All Tontine feather and down pillows and quilts only use ethically sourced feather and down sourced explicitly for its colour, quality and cleanliness. So you can sleep soundly, this is done via processes including having their feathers and down tested by trusted organisations like IDFL, and/or tracing the feather and down back to the actual farms from which it is sourced from.

Time stamp

If you can't remember when you bought your pillows, it's a good time to change them. It's recommended that they're replaced every 1-2 years and quilts every 2-3 years. But time passes quickly when you're getting a great night's sleep! Thankfully, all Tontine Pillows have a date stamp on them, which gives a useful guide as to when to change your pillow.


Tontine is probably most known for its range of pillows. Nowadays, Tontine manufactures more than half of all pillows sold in Australia. Their great range of traditional cotton and polyester pillows have now been expanded to include latex pillows and memory foam pillows. Where Tontine offers products featuring wool including pillows and wool quilts, which is 100% certified Australian wool.

Memory foam mattresses

If you wake up tired, it might be time to consider a memory foam mattress. Those of us who wake up with aches and pains could benefit from this body moulding support mattress. It works with your body instead of against it, easing you into a good night's rest.


Tontine offers a full range of quilts, from all-season to summer quilts, specially made smaller quilts for kids and anti-allergy quilts. All made from a range of polyester, cotton or wool, of various weights and sizes. This includes the Australian wool quilt which is made from all-natural premium Australian wool.


As any proud Aussie knows it's not a quilt it's a “doona”. Tontine were the first manufacturers of the Australian Doona in 1972, and they're still keeping Aussies warm and cosy today.

So, for a good night sleep full of comfort, you can't go past the extensive range of Tontine pillows, Doonas and bedding available on eBay.