Too Faced

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Too Faced Lipstick

Unapologetic and glamourous, Too Faced started as a California-based company. The two founders were tired of the serious nature of the cosmetics industry during the 90s. Its unique unabashed approach led to its success in producing lines of girly, pretty cosmetics that women love wearing.

Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks

Too Faced's Melted line of liquid lipsticks range from high gloss to matte and chocolate shades. Too Faced liquid lipsticks are made of heavy pigmented lip gloss that adds texture and fullness even to thin lips. They come in small bottles with a twistable cap connected to a narrow brush. The brush is made of a soft, fluffy tip. Running it along the surface of your lips spreads it more evenly and allows you to control the application at the edges of your lips. Keep cotton buds handy to clean up stray dabs.

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick, when applied properly, enhances the fullness of your lips by highlighting their prominent surfaces and textures. Too Faced matte lipsticks come in liquid or stick variants. The Melted matte line features bold pigments, such as 'Who's Zoomin Who', a matte deep sapphire shade that is likely to catch some attention. To accent an alluring outfit, try the 'Lady Balls' matte true red shade, or if you’re feeling like a supermodel, put on some 'Granny Panties' dark nude matte lipstick for a subtle but tantalising shade. La Matte is the solid series of Too Faced matte lipsticks. They are made to feel comfortable on the lips, though the shades offered are limited compared to their liquid counterparts.

Lip Balm

The La Creme line is like nourishment for your lips. Creamy, rich, buttery, and refreshing, these balms moisturise and revitalise while providing lively colour to your lips. 'Hunny Bunny' is the lightest nude shade and perfect for retouching, while 'Plum Crazy' is the darkest shade and looks great when blended.