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It’s time to take things into your own hands with DIY projects. You can increase your knowledge, save money and experience the satisfaction of doing a job yourself.

Starting DIY projects is easier than you think. The tools you need will differ from project to project. But there are a few common power tools and hand tools that are good to have around because they can be used for a range of home repair and maintenance projects.

A good cordless drill is key. It allows you to make holes in wood and other materials and also drive in and remove screws. Hammer drills and impact drivers give you a bit more power, but a standard cordless drill will take care of most simple jobs around the house.

A traditional handsaw is a great tool. But you should not rely on one when you have to make a lot of cuts. A circular saw will save you time and effort and help ensure quick, precise cuts.

Similar to a circular saw, a nail gun is another power tool that can save you a lot of time and energy. Save your hands, forearms and shoulders the pain of repeated hammering with one of these.

Power tools are great for DIY projects. But don’t forget about classic hand tools and accessories. Even if you own a cordless drill, circular saw and nail gun, make sure you have a screwdriver, handsaw and hammer for smaller jobs. Also, make sure you have a good set of pliers.

Check out the power tools and hand tools available on eBay and get ready to strap on your tool belt.

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