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Toothbrush Replacement Heads

An electric toothbrush efficiently cleans teeth, recreating the experience you get from professional dental cleaning tools. Rotating heads get into hard-to-reach places and reduce the risk of gum disease. When heads wear out, you need new ones to continue the superior level of cleanliness. Toothbrush replacement heads come in many brands available to fit a number of different brushes. Purchase the right head for your toothbrush and always have backups handy so you never miss a day of top-notch teeth cleaning.

When it comes to dental oral care products there are no one-size-fits-all options. Customise your care by choosing the right type of brush head for you. There are heads with bristles meant to reach every crack and crevice, and there are heads that work well for sensitive teeth and gums. If you have problems with plaque, opt for heads that dig deep to eliminate plaque and other bacteria from teeth. Deep cleaning heads go above and beyond a regular brushing. Kids' heads are smaller than adult brushes so they fit kid-sized mouths while whitening brushes help to remove stains from teeth.

For best results, choose a head that's compatible with your toothbrush brand, though you can always purchase unbranded toothbrush replacement heads if you're on a budget. Some brands to look for include Oral-B, Braun, Philips Sonicare and Waterpik. Since different replacement heads offer various methods of cleaning or features, select the head that suits your needs best as well as the one that fits your specific brush. You may need to look at the model number or the name of the brush to match up heads, such as the Oral-B Precision Clean or the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean model.

Toothbrush heads fit onto electric toothbrushes and work just like regular bristles do. However, they offer even more than a traditional toothbrush. Some heads offer built-in flossing action, while other heads offer dual rotation to clean teeth deeply. Select a brush head that features bristles of different lengths, which enclose each tooth as it cleans for a more complete cleaning. If you have gum worries or sensitivities, choose a brush geared towards gum care.

It's more cost-efficient to purchase replacement heads in bulk. Opt for a package of heads containing two heads, or always have heads on hand when you buy a box of 20. If you enjoy changing up your heads depending on your dental needs, you can buy a mixed lot of heads that offer different features, or different coloured heads to easily tell each family member's toothbrush apart.