Top Load Washing Machines

Top Load Washing Machines

Anyone who does laundry is familiar with top load washing machines. Not only are they among the most common, but they are also very easy to use. Just flip up the lid, add detergent and clothes, and push the button. For millions of Australians they are a quick and easy way to manage household laundry.

Why a Top Load Machine?

The biggest advantage of top load washing machines is that they are faster than front loaders. They are also safer for small children because they cant crawl in through an open front door. You can also open the washer in use to retrieve lost items, though it may not be in time to save a mobile phone if the wash cycle has started.

Agitator or Impeller

For years, top load washers all came with agitators sticking up in the middle of the drum. It works well for moving clothes in the wash, but it also takes up space that you could otherwise fill with more clothing. Some models use impellers instead, and have small fins in the bottom of the drum. They need more water to fill, but they also make it much easier to wash bedding because you dont have to wrap it around the agitator.

Washer Features

Top load washers often offer a wide range of different features to make your laundry easier. Auto-sensing washers can detect how much laundry is in the drum, and then adjust the water level to fit. Other features include self-balancing, which saves you from having to stop the machine and adjust the load. Its also much easier on your ears. Many come with multiple programs for different wash settings, and some even have timers so they can do your laundry overnight.


Before choosing a washer, its a good idea to fill your laundry basket with clothes and put them on the scale, so you know the weight of your standard load of laundry. Top load standard washing machines usually range anywhere from 6 to 8 kilograms, while some large capacity top load washers can handle up to 20 kilograms of laundry in one wash.

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