Let Yourself Shine in Women's Size 18 Tops

Sometimes clothes shopping can be a minefield - but if you know which styles suit you, life can be so much easier. The eBay collection of women's size 18 tops and blouses ranges from casual t-shirts to smart button-down shirts. Here you can find the right plus size top for home, work and play.

Size 18 tops to suit your body

One of the biggest myths in the fashion industry is the idea that all plus size women have the same needs - but you already know that's not true. Before you start shopping, consider the shape of your body, and look for styles that will suit you.

  • Apple shapes should keep it simple on top. Look for v-necks to help give your shape more definition, and try wearing tops that can be tucked into a pencil skirt or high rise jeans to create an hourglass illusion.
  • If you're a pear shape, balance out your hips with detail on your top half. Look for bold prints and fun extras like ruffles and bows to draw the eye upward.
  • Many women covet the hourglass figure - but it's not always easy to dress. Pay attention to your neckline. It needs to hit the sweet spot: too high and you can look frumpy, too low and you'll be showing more than you want.
  • If you have a rectangle shape, try styles like peplum tops to create more definition.
Be body positive in size 18 tops

There are days when we all just want to cover up our bodies in big, baggy, drab t-shirts. However, this can lead to you feeling miserable and invisible. Instead, make sure that your wardrobe is full of tops that fit you properly, and highlight your favourite parts of your body. If you like bright colours or bold prints, don't be afraid to wear them. Wearing what you really want can have a huge impact on your self-esteem.

How can big busts look good in a size 18 blouse?

Plus size button-down blouses and shirts are often difficult for busty women, as you might find unwanted strain between the buttons. You can try a looser-fitting, casual button-down shirt made from a fabric such as linen that will drape and flow beautifully. Alternatively, an equally smart option is a size 18 wrap top. This will look great for the office, and is far more flattering to a larger bust.

Which features are important in size 18 tops?

The most important thing in dressing your body is not your size, but your shape. Focus on that first, and it will be easier to find a look that suits you. In general, though, a top that is either well-fitted or deliberately loose, such as a linen or silk swing top, will look better on just about everybody than an oversized t-shirt or hoodie. In fact, wearing clothes that are too big in an attempt to "cover up" can actually make you seem far larger than you are.