Tormek is a company that has been dedicated to sharpening edge tools since 1973. As of 2017, they offer three models of machines that, when combined with different jigs can sharpen most any tool. Their water-cooled machines are built to last.

Knife Sharpening

Home cooks and professional chefs alike benefit from keeping knives as sharp as possible. Not only do they make cleaner cuts, but they make the work in the kitchen more efficient. The Tormek T-2 is designed specially for sharpening knives. With a fine grained diamond wheel and an adjustable edge angle, you will be able to have fine control over your knives' sharpness. You could also opt for knife jigs if you already have a different machine.

Sharpening Drill Bits and Other Uses

The DBS Drill Bit Sharpening attachment can help you keep your bits sharp. This attachment can handle Drill bits from 3 to 22 millimetres as well as any angle from 90 to 150 degrees. Moreover, you can get attachments that help you sharpen woodturning and wood carving tools. There is even the TNT-708 Woodturner's kit, which includes instructions to help people learn how to shape and sharpen their tools.

Other Tormek Machines

Other Tormek machines include the T-8 and T-4. The latter is also available in a bushcraft limited edition and comes with a kit that covers many outdoors tools, including an axe jig and a knife jig. You can sharpen pretty much any type of knife, including kitchen knives, using this machine and jigs.

Tormek Accessories

In addition to machines and jigs, there are accessories that can make using your Tormek go more smoothly. For instance, the LA-120 leather honing wheel allows you to put a polished edge on your woodworking tools. The sharpening station lets you stash and organise your bits. Finally, the RB-180 rotating base allows you to smoothly and safely rotate one of the machines with ease.