Shop Toro Lawnmowers


A leader in outdoor equipment for over a century, Toro continually develops new technologies to outperform the competition. With a goal to help consumers beautify their environments, the company's products help homeowners, contractors and farmers improve their productivity and efficiency. In addition to lawn mowers, you can purchase Toro garden watering equipment, trimmers and leaf blowers.

Toro Ride-On Mowers

When you'd rather spend time watching a sports program or hosting a party, Toro riding lawn mowers help you complete your yard tasks quickly. Mowing decks range in width from 81 to 137 centimetres, suitable for cutting large swaths of grass. So you stay safe, Toro invented a Smart Park braking system that automatically stops the mower blade every time you get off the riding mower. Additionally, you can choose between several height cutting positions and enjoy the adjustable steering column. Zero-turn mowers feature engines with self-cleaning air filters and accessory ports to plug in a mobile phone, fan or MP3 player.

Toro Push Mowers

Mow your lawn and exercise your body while you walk with a Toro push mower. Depending on the model, it may include a feature called SMARTSTOW so you can store the mower in an upright position to save storage space. The Iso-Flex handle and adjustable height range make mowing easier on the hands and back. Moreover, mower decks include a washout port to clean the underside of the mower. To change from bagging to mulching, you simply flip a switch.

Toro Lawn Mower Parts and Accessories

Because machinery has moving parts, you'll need to perform routine maintenance. Choose Toro lawn mower accessories and parts, such as replacement mower blades or tyres, to fit your specific model. Use the mower to complete other yard projects by installing a rear-hitch to tow a cart for hauling your yard tools.