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Toshiba Notebooks and Laptops

One of the most popular brands of notebooks and laptops, Toshiba products are known for being innovative, durable and long-lasting_x001A__x001A_the type of PC laptop you'll have for several years with few issues, even with daily use. There are many different types of Toshiba laptops and notebooks, and one is bound to have the specifications and features that you're looking for. Choose from different capacities, processor speeds and features to get the laptop or notebook you need for work, school or fun.

Toshiba Laptops

The main difference between Toshiba laptops and notebooks is their screen size, although laptops will also usually have a larger capacity as well as a faster processing speed. The main difference between the laptop and notebook, however, is the screen size. Popular screen sizes for Toshiba laptops include 15 inches and above, and many of them features touchscreens for more seamless usage and convenience. Laptops also will typically have more RAM, which is different than a computer's hard drive capacity. RAM equates to how much memory a computer has. The more RAM a laptop has, the more programmes you can run without issue, such as using two browsers at a time, or playing games that are designed in Flash.

Toshiba Notebooks

When it comes to PC laptops and notebooks, notebooks are definitely the smaller of the two, but they're also the most convenient choice for a travelling laptop. If you need your laptop with you in the car as you work, such as with pharmaceutical sales, or if you're a student regularly attending classes and have limited backpack space, a notebook is a great choice. Notebooks aren't typically meant for heavy programmes or loads, but are great for keeping in touch while travelling and for word processing work.

Capacity and Processor Size

Two features that are exceedingly important to users are capacity and processor size. Along with RAM, a computer's processor size determines how fast it can run programmes. Essentially, a faster processor means your computer gets _x001A_hung up' or frozen less, which is much more convenient when you're trying to watch movies, work or keep in touch. A small-capacity notebook would be the Toshiba 8 GB notebook, while a much larger size would be the 64 GB model. When it comes to processors, there are many choices out there. You may want to opt for the Intel Celeron, or Intel Core processors, which have different generations and standards.

Operating Systems

Typically, all Toshiba laptops come complete with the Windows operating system. An older or refurbished model may have an older installation of Windows, such as Windows 8.1, while newer models will likely include Windows 10. Windows can always be upgraded to the newest standard, so there's no need for concern about what version the Toshiba is running. An included operating system essentially makes your laptop or notebook a plug and play device, ready to go out of the box.