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Toshiba PC Ultrabooks

Toshiba ultrabooks are known for their light weight and portability. This is largely because, instead of a mechanical hard drive, these laptops feature a much lighter solid state drive. They measure less than an inch thick and are well suited for a variety of applications. When shopping, be sure to take the various ultrabooks on the market and the features of each into account, as doing so can help you to make the most-informed decision for your needs.

Ultrabook Memory

When searching for a Toshiba ultrabook, you'll want to consider random access memory (or RAM). RAM is responsible for the laptop's efficiency and overall functionality. While less memory may not be a deal breaker for those using the ultrabook for report writing and notetaking purposes, it certainly will be for professional photographers and gamers who require a larger amount of memory to run their programs. As you shop, make sure that the amount of RAM is enough to meet your needs in a computer.

Ultrabook Screen Size

Toshiba ultrabooks vary in screen size, which is measured diagonally, either in inches or centimetres. When searching, consider how you plan to use your device. Smaller ultrabooks, such as the Portege A30t-C1300ED, are appreciated for their sleek design, while ultrabooks with a larger screen size, such as the Tecra C50-C1511, are ideal for gamers and those who intend to use their laptop for movie-watching purposes.

Battery Life and Processor Type

Toshiba ultrabooks have a reputation for their long battery lives, which can last anywhere from five to eight hours, depending on application. Additionally, all ultrabooks use an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor. These chips help to reduce battery consumption while optimising computer performance.


Toshiba ultrabooks offer users a wide array of features, including two or three USB ports, an SD memory card slot, Wi-Fi and a webcam, making it easy to take conference calls away from the office or to communicate face-to-face with loved ones. Some ultrabooks also feature WiDi technology, letting users wirelessly project content from their computer onto a big, nearby screen.