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Storage Size

The primary consideration for most buyers of USB flash drives is the storage capacity. Toshiba USB sticks range from 8 GB to 128 GB. Price increases along with storage size, so its important to consider the types of information you intend to use with the flash drive. If you plan to store text documents, a small 8 GB or 16 GB Toshiba flash drive may be exactly what you need. If you have a high number of photos or videos, a 32 GB drive is an excellent option. Larger options like a 64 GB Toshiba flash drive and 128 GB drives are best for storing large files like art and video projects as well as backups of a high number of files from a desktop or laptop.


Toshiba USB flash drives also vary in size and general design. Look for capless designs that slide in and out of the USB case for quick and convenient use. If you want the best protection for your device, a product like the U202 with a cap may be the best option. Other flash drives, like the U363, have a built-in loop that enables you to attach the device to a keychain. If you want to transfer information between a smartphone or tablet and your home computer, the U382 includes a standard USB connector along with a connector for Android phones.

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Toshiba builds its flash drives with USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology. The most notable difference between these two is the speed at which they save and open files. USB 3.0 is the newer technology, and it operates at roughly twice the speed of USB 2.0 devices. Its also important to note that the formats vary in price, with USB 3.0 devices costing slightly more than their 2.0 counterparts do. The choice between the two is generally a personal one and should be based on the size of the files you are working with and how quickly you need them to operate. USB 3.0 flash drives are backwards compatible with USB 2.0, which means it is possible to use them on computers and other devices with USB 2.0 ports.

Mini USB

Toshibas mini USB flash drives are a particularly convenient and portable option. These drives sacrifice some amount of storage capacity and speed for their small size. Most of these units have a capless design, and you can choose from an array of colours to find one that fits your personal style.

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