Totally Bizarre Collectable Stuff

Collecting stuff is simply a human inclination. No matter what type of stuff, theres always some joy in acquiring more. That said, even if youre into amassing things that are truly out of the ordinary, the Internet has you covered. Choose from the nifty down to the outrageous, and pretty soon youll have your very own personal museum of oddities you can truly call your own.

What are some nifty collectables?

Beginning with the nifty and somewhat useful, the catalogue is moderately populated. If youre one who simply cannot focus without anything repetitively moving in your peripheral vision, then a novelty drinking water bird is the one for you. They also say it brings good luck. Moreover, whether for study or for admiration, a City Lights World Globe Lamp is a great fixture that helps identify the cities of the world by lighting them up, much like how the astronauts see our pale blue dot when the sun is behind it. You can also grab yourself a 3-in-1 pen tool that functions as a pen, ruler and screwdriver; you never know when youll need it.

What are some downright bizarre collectables?

The Box of Air exemplifies the type of choices you have in this head-scratching category quite well. Its a box full of air; what more could you need? The Czech M10 gas mask makes for a great conversation starter as well as a Halloween costume. It is a fully functional mask complete with spare filters and eyepieces. Got a mate youve been bunking with for years? Get him the Idiot Zone crime scene tape for a right proper prank. Lovers of macabre trinkets will love an old porcelain skull lamp. Whether its for Halloween or just your normal taste in home decor, itll liven up the room all the time.

What are some outrageous collectibles?

Now for the most outrageous of them all: Normal coat hooks are boring, so replace them with finger hooks that look convincingly realistic. For a real head-turner, order a two-headed yellow duckling taxidermy stuffed animal or other animal collectibles. They would make great desk ornaments if youre into that sort of thing. If you really want your dinner guests to kiss the cook, then get the bodacious lady apron complete with alluring lingerie print that will spice up your dinner tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte.