Touchscreen PC Laptops & Netbooks

PC Laptops and Notebooks with Touchscreen

In the world of PC laptops and notebooks, there are many decisions to make before settling on one system over another. The first consideration should be how you plan to use your computer this will determine the other features you require to have an enjoyable experience each and every time you turn on the PC. Many users are switching to the touchscreen laptop, because it makes navigating the screen more intuitive. Sometimes it is just easier to use your finger to press a link then it is to navigate with the touchpad.


Laptops with a touchscreen feature allow you to tap and select, hold and drag to move items from one location to another, swipe to scroll around the page and pinch to zoom into a particular area. Since its the same techniques you use on a smartphone or tablet, most users are already comfortable with this type of navigation.


Since the whole purpose of a laptop and notebook is to take your computing on the go, its understandable that you want features that make it portable friendly. Weight is one of the biggest issues because you want to get everything you need on your computer, but it has to be light enough to take with you. Screen size is also a concern because it needs to be large enough for easy viewing but small enough to fit in a bag or briefcase.

Operating Systems

As with your desktop computer, the operating system that manages all software and hardware needs to be user-friendly. Windows is the OS for touchscreen laptops.

RAM memory

How much RAM you need depends on how you use your laptop. For those that only use it for school work, online shopping and social media, a 4 GB laptop or notebook with touchscreen will give you everything you need to stay connected. However, if you do require more memory consider choosing an 8 or 16 GB device.