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Tower Strength Training Equipment

Strength training is one part right technique, one part equipment, and ten parts effort. You can’t buy perseverance, but good equipment will make the technique easier, and before long you’ll be seeing big gains. Power towers are a type of gym equipment you can also fit into your home or garage yourself. It’s a well-balanced contraption of bars and crossbars that you can use to do pull-ups, tricep dips, and hanging crunches.

A Tower of Strength

The tower is well-balanced and has several bars, all of which will take your full weight. You can grab the middle bars and push up from those, which is called a tricep dip. Or you can do an over or underhand pull-up. The difference there is which way the palm of your hand is turned as you grip the bar; inwards or outwards. A fourth option is using the tower for balance as you do handstand pushups. This exercise is great for working your entire arms, as well as your shoulders.

Parts Unknown

Other areas of your body also need work, and as versatile as the power tower is, it isn’t the only strength training equipment you’ll ever need. One other major part of your body when it comes to strength training is your legs. Home gym leg presses come in many shapes and sizes. Quite often the leg press will be worked into a larger, multi-station machine. These machines are bulky, but at the end of the day it’s still more space-effective than having all those machines separate.

Variety is King

A well-rounded workout routine is essential to good strength training, and strength training home gyms are versatile pieces of equipment that let you do a large number of different workouts, targeting specific muscle groups. On top of that, many of these machines are mostly vertical and take up just a corner space. Ideal for fitness freaks who don’t have a lot of space at home.

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