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Got one to sell?

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Toy Machine Skateboard Decks

Any sport you engage in requires the right gear if you want to succeed. This is no different with skateboarding. The skateboard deck you choose influences how the road underneath you feels as you ride, as well as how long the entire set-up lasts. You also need to consider the size of the skateboard and match it with your needs. Toy Machine skateboard decks are nothing like the ordinary, as they come in multiple colourful graphic designs. With three main categories and several widths to choose from, you should have plenty of options. Once you have the right deck, fit it with powerful and stylish Toy Machine skateboard bearings and Toy Machine skateboard wheels.

Toy Machine Pro Decks

Toy Machine pro decks are for advanced riders who ask for more from their skateboard. The deck widths for this category range from 7.75 to 8.75 inches (19.7 cm to 22.23 cm). The professional decks come in various, colourful designs, all of them named after famous skateboarders. You can find versions of the same model with different names and different images on them. The list of skateboarders who lend their names to Toy Machine decks include Leo Romero, Josh Harmony, Jeremy Leabres, Daniel Lutheran, and many others.

Toy Machine Team Decks

Toy Machine team decks are suitable for equipping a team of skateboarders. You can find the same design in several deck sizes and in some colour variations. This way, everyone in your team can express their individual style and yet feel like part of something bigger.

Toy Machine Cruiser Decks

Toy Machine cruiser decks are great for building a skateboard for cruising down the streets rather than competition. These decks are not for tricks, but simply for getting from one point to another. As Toy Machine mainly focuses on trick boards, this category has the least options.

Skateboard Sizes

Toy Machine provides skateboards ranging from 7.375 to 9 inches (18.7 to 22.9 cm). You should pick the deck width based on your riding style. The more you drive off ramps, the wider board you need. Wide boards are also useful for larger riders who require a larger surface area for their feet and weight distribution. If you love doing kickflips and riding on the streets, narrower decks are a better option. Moreover, the shorter the board, the narrower it is, so the length and width are connected as well.

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