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Model Building Toys

Make the fun fit with model building toys

Have you always wanted to get into model building, but you were worried that it would be too difficult? You might find that a Skill Level 1 kit is a good starting point. These typically include snap-together pieces rather than pieces that need gluing, and you won’t need to paint them. Meanwhile, Skill Level 5 is great for those experienced builders who want a challenge. From beginners to longtime enthusiasts, eBay has a huge range of model kits to suit anyone.

Fandom models

There’s a huge selection of models from popular movie and television franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars. You can build your own starships like Poe Dameron’s X-wing fighter or Darth Vader’s TIE fighter. You can put together a Death Star or an Enterprise ship. Just remember that these vehicle kits can be more complex kits and require gluing and painting.

Military vehicles

If military history or modern warfare is something in which you're interested, you’ll find a huge range of tanks, ships, and aircraft models from many different eras and countries. Russian and German tanks, American helicopters like the classic twin-rotor Chinook and fighters and bombers give you the chance to construct your own fleet. Consider picking up some military vehicle photo books as well, to help guide you to the most authentic paint job possible.

Racing cars and motorbikes

Motoring enthusiasts will love the selection of model car and motorbike kits available to buy online every day on eBay. These are a great way to own a little bit of racing history without the commitment of buying a full-sized racing vehicle. You can appreciate the sleek lines and classic chassis of the world’s fastest machines, all in the comfort of your own home.

Construct your own fun with the help of model building toys from eBay.