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Toyota Buses, Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Where consumers look for cars, SUVs and sometimes utes the commercial side of the automotive industry focus on buses, trucks and vans. Toyota makes a wide range of larger vehicles for commercial use ranging from heavy duty work vehicles to multi-passenger buses. From HiAce to Coaster, there is a commercial Toyota to meet every need.

Diesel Toyotas

The majority of business customers focus on Toyota Diesel trucks and commercial vehicles. Diesel engines have always been popular in the commercial sector, while more expensive to purchase they generally last longer and have a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle. Their superior low-end performance is also an advantage in the majority of commercial use cases. On average, the bigger the vehicle, the better off it is using Diesel.

Petrol Toyotas

In most cases Toyota petrol trucks and commercial vehicles are less expensive to purchase than Diesel trucks. Often using the same engines and running gear as consumer vehicles they also have the advantage of a better parts network. These vehicles are also quieter than Diesels, which can be an advantage in passenger operations.

Toyota HiAce

One of the most popular commercial vehicles in the Toyota line is the HiAce van. Available in both Diesel and petrol engined models, these vans can configure to meet almost any need. Vans and crew vans can transport the entire crew and all their equipment to the job site. With commuter buses you can get a full load of people where they need to go when they need to get there.

Choosing Commercial

Not everyone needs a commercial vehicle, but for those who do they are a life-saver. In general you want a Diesel vehicle for longer trips and heavier loads, while the advantages of petrol kick in when you run shorter trips and carry smaller loads. In either situation, Toyota commercial vehicles make a great business case.

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