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Got one to sell?

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Want to be absolutely certain your Toyota Landcruiser will start at the first attempt? Want to avoid hassles and enjoy a smooth ride every time? A quality Toyota Landcruiser alternator is the part that gives you peace of mind and gives your vehicle a timely boost. These items are sold brand new and in most cases come with a multi-year warranty.

When do you need a new alternator?Let's say the dash light comes on when you least expect it, the headlights dim for no apparent reason, or you hear a nasty growling sound coming from under the hood of your Landcruiser - there's a very high chance your alternator is failing. This is no time to wait and see what happens. Without a properly functioning alternator or the help of battery charging systems, chances are your vehicle will be slow to start or won't pick up any speed. You may find yourself in a Landcruiser that has completely stopped in the middle of the road. To avoid this unwanted and unnecessary disaster, you need to replace faulty parts and get your vehicle running with the aid of car and truck alternator and generator parts as soon as possible. In this case, you need a Toyota Landcruiser alternator.

CompatibilityIt's essential to check that any alternator you're thinking of buying is fully compatible with the year and submodel of your Landcruiser and its diesel engine. You will often find a list of compatible vehicles provided in the item description. If you're not buying a Toyota factory part, keep an eye out for Toyota Landcruiser alternators manufactured by brands such as Bosch or Machter. A standard Landcruiser alternator is 12V, 110-140A, and has a 76mm pulley diameter.

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