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Discover How to Choose Toyota Car Keys, Fobs, and Remotes

The key fob for your Toyota car makes it easier to access the vehicle. Losing this type of key can be a hassle — and that’s where a replacement Toyota car key can help. By choosing a key or fob that’s compatible with your vehicle, you can regain the access you're used to.

Are Toyota car keys one-size-fits-all?

No. Most Toyota car keys are designed to work with vehicles of a single model or year. Since these keys must be programmed to work with your specific vehicle, it’s important to choose the right match. Do you have a Toyota with Smart Entry? In addition to matching your vehicle’s year and model, you’ll need to find a replacement key that is Smart Entry compatible.

Available buttons on a Toyota key fob replacement in the UK

Most Toyota key fob models come with a set of buttons. Each fob is different, particularly if you’re looking at products other than a genuine Toyota key fob. Some of the buttons to look for are:

  • Unlock: This button unlocks your car door. Depending on the fob or key, it might also offer the option to unlock the driver’s door with the first push and the rest of the doors with the second push.
  • Lock: This button locks all the doors on your car.
  • Alarm: Some Toyota car keys and remotes include an alarm button, which activates your car alarm when it’s pressed. This might also be called a panic button. You can buy key fobs with this button even if you don’t have a car alarm; the button will simply be inactive.
  • Trunk: This button pops the trunk or the hatchback on your Toyota vehicle.
  • Door hold: This button keeps the lift gate of your Toyota in a lifted position, so you can keep it open while you load or unload.
Components of Toyota fobs, keys, and remotes

When you’re looking for a new or used Toyota key fob on eBay, some of the components and options you can choose include:

  • Fob: A fob is the small Toyota remote that hangs from your key chain. It’s separate from your key; if you still have a standard key for your Toyota, you can buy a fob.
  • Remote key head: This is the small remote that fits around the head of your Toyota car key.
  • Smart Entry key: This Toyota-specific technology looks like a key fob, but it contains special wireless sensors. When you get close to the car, the sensors automatically unlock the doors. When you walk away, the sensors lock them. As long as you're carrying the key with you, it also allows you to start the car with the push of a button.
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