Trail-Gators are a handy towbar type rod or arm, fitted between an adult and child's bicycle; a tow bar for a bike. They're great if you're helping a little one learn how to ride. The wheel of the child's bike is lifted a couple of inches from the ground and their handlebars are immobilized. They can either pedal or sit back and cruise along for the ride.

Benefits of Trail-Gators

Children can build confidence on their bike and learn how to balance on a seat before they ride solo. Children can also learn biking skills from you by direct observation. They can easily see how you handle your bike and how to use hand signals. If you use yours with your child in traffic, they will learn road sense from the start by seeing how you navigate traffic. If you enjoy longer rides but your child isn't up to it yet, you can attach your Trail-Gator to help them along when they get tired, and easily release it when they want to ride on their own.

Features of Trail-Gators

With a lightweight extendable telescope arm of high strength steel, Trail-Gators are ideal for on-road cycling. They'll fit your adult bikes with wheel diameters of 25 inches and larger. The wheel diameter of wheels on kids bikes can be between 12 to 20 inches. They're suitable for use with kids weighing up to 32 kg. Quick release mechanisms make it easy to attach and detach your child's bike while you are out for a ride. The arm folds against the adult bicycle's back wheel. When not in use, they store easily and don't take up a lot of space.

Accessories for Trail-Gators

For peace of mind, you can add a removable rear view mirror to your bicycle so you can see that your child is doing ok at the back. Flip-up training wheels, when fitted to the rear wheel of your child's bicycle, can alternate between an upright position while being towed and down when riding on their own. You'll find spare parts for all the fixtures and fittings easily. To really get into the experience of Trail-Gating, there's adults and kids T-shirts featuring the slogan "Get your roll on"!