Trailer Gas Struts

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Generally for use under standard camper trailers, replacement gas struts lift and hold heavy things such as island beds or pop-top roofs. Strut strength varies, and the replacement strut strength must match the strength printed on the original part. There are two main measurements for gas struts. The extended length and compressed length are important. Other measurements may include the ball joint size and shaft size.

Trailer hubs

Available in various casting materials, trailer hubs connect the trailer axle to the trailer tyres, facilitating tyre spin. Corroded  trailer wheel or incorrectly installed trailer hubs throw trailer tyres out of alignment. Routine maintenance of trailer hubs is crucial. Driving a vehicle towing a trailer with faulty hubs is dangerous. Check the hubs every 3,200 kilometers for cracking, corrosion and damage. Manufacturers offer trailer hub kits including seals, a grease cap, a cotter key, bearings, nuts and bolts.

Trailer hub bearing protectors

A pair of trailer hub bearing protectors with dust cover caps protect bearings from dirt and water, reducing the need for replacement. Commonly available in black or grey, these Bearing Buddies install with a simple tap of a hammer. Filling the installed bearing cover with grease until it leaks out of the back seal of the hub eliminates water and prolongs bearing life. Chrome plated construction and automatic bearing lubrication provide unsurpassed hub protection.

Trailer coupling

Choosing the correct trailer coupling depends on the type of trailer tongue. The coupler bolts to the end of the trailer tongue, so it must fit the gooseneck, A-frame, or straight tongue exactly. When choosing a new trailer coupling, consider the weight of the loaded trailer. The coupler capacity must exceed the loaded trailer weight. Also, consider adding a trailer coupler lock to a replacement trailer coupling. This simple universal device prevents tow-away theft with a keyed lock and heavy-duty construction.

Trailer parts and accessories

Understanding the basics of maintenance and how to properly identify damage to trailer components is a matter of safety. Repairing and maintaining trailers requires a dependable source for trailer parts and accessories. From a simple burned out tail light to a coupler for a large tri-axle boat trailer, being able to access high quality parts and accessories quickly keeps downtime to a minimum.