Trailer Guards

Trailers are a great way to haul additional gear, whether it's for your business and you need to tow around large equipment or for extracurricular activities to carry around bikes and quads or simply transporting your belongings from one location to another. Keeping trailers up and running with simple maintenance is a great way to have them last a long time and utilize your investment. There are many parts that go into a trailer but guards are an important item to have on your trailer to protect your tires as well as underside of the trailer. These guards, aka trailer mudguards, fit on either side of the trailer and act as a wheelhouse for the wheels located on the trailer. The wheels should fit nicely within the guards and not be too big or too small. Guards come in a variety of sizes and colours. Many of these guards use either a durable hard plastic that is easy to clean off or a stainless steel that is more expensive but will last forever, even in accidents. Trailer guards protect your trailer's wheels from accumulation of mud, ice, snow, as well as other debris that can kick up from the roadway. The last thing you need is to be stopped on the side of the road, fixing a tire issue because your tires weren't protected. The guards are an inexpensive way to protect your belongings that you're towing, your trailer as well as your tires.

Other Trailer Parts

There are many other trailer parts that you can have on-hand in case an issue arises or you want to add onto your own trailer. Some additional parts that are available include lights that you can add onto the sides of your trailer frame, locks, sides, adaptors, cages, and roofs. Other parts that are good to have on-hand include wheels to change out in case you get a flat tire, brakes for when yours wear down, suspension, and axles. Some of these parts are more helpful to have if you're building your own trailer from scratch. If you're buying an already made trailer, you won't need an axle or suspension.