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Trailer Hubs

When you are towing a trailer, no matter how long or small, heavy or light, the trailer hubs matter. Having the right set in good repair means a safer ride for both your vehicle and what you are towing. Trailer hubs can come in stainless steel, powder-coated steel and galvanised form, allowing you to match your hubs to your trailer from a visual standpoint.

Trailer Types

Regardless of what your trailer is pulling, you will want to choose hubs that are specifically made for it. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for boat and jet-ski trailers, since it doesn't rust easily and can stand up to saltwater. In addition, you'll want to remember to count your studs as well.

Trailer Brakes

Consider the manufacturer of your trailer when choosing trailer hubs or braking kits, because you don't want to risk your boat, work equipment, jet skis or whatever you are pulling by having substandard braking components. It's also wise to consider the type of brakes on your trailer when choosing hubs. There are hubs that can only be used with slip-on disc brakes or trailers that don't use drum brakes. You also need to measure your hubs so that your new hubs fit perfectly.

Trailer Hub Kits

A trailer hub kit is sensible to have because it gives you everything that you need to replace or repair the hub. Kits can be pre-greased or dry, though having the wheel bearings and grease seal already installed can save you precious time when making the repair. These are perfect for emergency repairs and for those who don't regularly pull trailers. You can also find trailer hub kits that are not pre-greased. These kits take more time to assemble, but they do allow you to use the grease seal that you prefer.

Other Trailer Parts

If you like to take care of repairs yourself, you may want to also have spare axles or an axle repair kit on hand. Dust protector caps keep your bearings clean and dirt-free, in addition to improving the overall look of your trailer. Boat trailer wheels keep your boat or jet ski level when it is not hooked up to your vehicle or in the water. Having the right boat trailer parts and accessories can ensure that you are prepared for any situation you may encounter.