Trailer Locks

Durable and strong, trailer locks help to keep your belongings safe and secure. Locks offer a multitude of features to preserve your peace of mind, and since they're available in a variety of brands and types and with numerous features, trailer locks are an affordable way to deter theft.

Lock Types

Trailer locks aren't limited to solely one type of lock, and as you shop, you'll notice many different lock types. Some of these include coupling locks, hitch-pin locks and paddle locks, and you can choose the lock based on the type of security you desire. For instance, a coupling lock sits in the socket of your vehicle so thieves can't attach it to another vehicle and tow it away. A spring-loaded tailgate lock can fasten the doors of your trailer, and a hitch lock is an oversized visual theft deterrent that gives you a strong sense of security.

Lock Features

You'll want to select a lock that has the right features for your needs. Some of these include tie-down points or an over-centre latch, while a T-handle lock is not only secure, but stylish as well. You can customise your lock by choosing the spigot lengths and shafts you require for your trailer or truck. A spring-bolted lock is easy to use; however, an L-bar lock reduces the risk of your ball mount being stolen with or without a trailer in place, making it a valuable investment. It's also wise to choose a lock with the fastener that best meets your needs, whether it's a toggle or R-clip.

Lock Brands

As you shop for trailer locks, you may come across varied brands. Some of these include Trojan, which creates heavy-duty security for trailers and other vehicles; AL-KO, a brand that specialises in locks for trailers or campers; and Armstrong locks for RVs and other vehicles. Other brands you may see include Dunn & Watson, Trimax, I.R.S. and ARK. Look to select the right brand based on a variety of factors, including the type of lock you desire, lock features and uses and your budget for a trailer lock.

Lock Uses

Though trailer locks are of course used for locking trailers, these handy security systems can actually be employed for a wide variety of purposes when it comes to protection. Some of these include marine uses, such as locking boats, campers and recreational vehicles, cars and trucks, caravans and even for protecting your supplies, such as locking up tool boxes or other materials.