Trailer Off Road Coupling Parts

Venture off the beaten track and explore the great Australian outback with the security and peace of mind of a quality off road coupling, available right here on eBay. This trailer coupling is purposefully built for the off road experience, ensuring that your trailer is safe and secure. Dont forget to check out eBays range of trailer parts so you can be adventuring in no time.

What to look for when buying off road couplings

There are several different types of couplings: ball coupling, pintle hook, VC coupling, TREG, ORAC, and the hyland hitch.

The ball coupling has limited vertical movement and isnt suitable for off road coupling, so avoid this style if you think that will be an issue.

The pintle hook began in agricultural and military equipment. It has limited horizontal movement and isnt as popular due to excessive wear and the improved options available in other types of couplings.

The VC coupling is a good option for off roading. The coupling locks a ring into place, and the base of the coupling uses a sealed ball joint to provide articulation between the vehicles. Its good for tight turns and is low maintenance.

The TREG coupling has full 360 degree horizontal movement. Its one of the most common off road couplings available.

The ORAC coupling has full horizontal and vertical movement.

The hyland hitch uses a ball coupling with full articulation and 360 degrees of sideways swivel.

There are several other types of off road couplings available, so always check the individual listing to confirm if the hitch is appropriate for off roading. Always check the manufacturers instructions for full details on how to properly fit and use the off road coupling.

Whatever the off road coupling to suit your style of adventure and your vehicle, make sure to take a look for it on eBay today!